“I remember, one day, seeing a guy with a parrot on his shoulder. A few weeks after the sad closure, Colette alumni including Sébastien Chapelle, director of the high-tech and watchmaking division, and Marvin Dein, head of the sneakers department, decided to open a new concept store, still in Paris, called “Nous”. LVMH goes “upcycling” by unveiling a new marketplace, Luxury automotive market expected to reach $655 billion by 2027, [Luxus+ Magazine] Professional equality: These luxury houses run by women. Despite fashion’s fondness for reboot culture, she has no plans to reboot Colette, in any form, she tells me. To watch Colette, Mon Amour, the new documentary about the beloved Paris boutique, at a time when “going inside a store” and “mingling with other people” both feel like alien activities hits, as they say, different. One night, Andelman says, the store drew Catherine Deneuve and Travis Scott on the same night. MORE THAN A SPECIALIZED WEBZINE, LUXUS PLUS IS A MULTI-SECTOR INFORMATION SYSTEM, WHICH HAS BECOME THE REFERENCE MONITORING TOOL FOR LUXURY AND FASHION PROFESSIONALS. Coming 2020. The exclusivity of the products thus made Colette an unmissable destination and was so attractive that the biggest celebrities became accustomed to going there and buying their supplies. Colette, Mon Amour Souvenir Shop Maison Kitsuné Tuileries 2 Rue du 29 Juillet 75001 Paris, France. Mountain real estate: And now, time to invest! It was during Paris Fashion Week, and I was there to see a fashion … “The main driving force is my age, that’s for sure. To watch Colette, Mon Amour, the new documentary about the beloved Paris boutique, at a time when “going inside a store” and “mingling with other people” both feel like alien activities hits, as they say, different. Still, the store played host to starry events like an Apple Watch launch with Colette fanatic Karl Lagerfeld in attendance. According to Guggenheim, institutional demand would be insufficient to keep Bitcoin above $30,000. “Any creativity deserves space beyond just the limited fashion world,” was her reason for incorporating them, she says, pointing out the number of formerly behind-the-scenes fashion personalities who have since come front and center, like runway hairstylists and makeup artists with their own lines. [Luxus+ MAGAZINE] History: a look back at the creation of the first Volkswagen! Watching, I was immediately transported to the last time I walked through the doors of the store on the Rue Saint-Honoré. It was during Paris Fashion Week, and I was there to see a fashion show … 「COLETTE, MON AMOUR」の関連ニュースはこちら。https://natalie.mu/eiga/news/391826 Bags Virgil Abloh OFF-WHITE colette Sarah Andelman. “When I heard about the closing, I was in disbelief,” says Pharrell Williams. View … Among them : Virgil Abloh, Kanye West, Emmanuel Perrotin and Pharrell Williams. Or Apple, whom we contacted as soon as the first iPod came out. Of course, at the heart of the Colette magic are Colette Rousseaux, the store’s namesake, and her daughter Sarah Andelman. Grâce à une veille accrue et à une excellente connaissance du secteur, nous nous intéressons aux principaux enjeux économiques et technologiques de la mode, la haute horlogerie, la joaillerie, la gastronomie, des cosmétiques, parfums, de l’hôtellerie, l’immobilier de prestige…, COPYRIGHT 2021 LUXUS + ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Our site uses cookies. But Colette was more than just another store — it was easily the mother of all cult retailers with a curated selection of items, collaborations, and a party here or there. colette's documentary, Colette, Mon Amour, premiered over the weekend in Tokyo. Watching, I was immediately transported to the last time I walked through the doors of the store on the Rue Saint-Honoré. THANKS TO AN INCREASED WATCH AND AN EXCELLENT KNOWLEDGE OF THE SECTOR, WE ARE INTERESTED IN THE MAIN ECONOMIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL STAKES OF FASHION, FINE WATCHMAKING, JEWELRY, GASTRONOMY, COSMETICS, PERFUMES, HOTELS, PRESTIGIOUS REAL ESTATE...********[FR] Claire Domergue, spécialiste de la communication dans le secteur du luxe, s’est entourée d’experts pour créer le premier média consacré à l’actualité économique du Luxe et de la mode. Colette, Mon Amour is an hour-long love letter to the influential Parisian store. The likelihood of a visitor leaving the concept shop empty-handed was therefore virtually non-existent. Looking at it now, the Colette phenomenon feels both deliriously ahead of its time, for all the reasons mentioned above, and wonderfully old-school, evoking the temporarily lost joys of being in a space with other people and feeding off their energy and excitement about fashion. I’m also thinking of IKEA with whom we had an operation and with whom everything was complicated because they had never sold outside their shop. And well, I think that with the Internet, there’s a new way of working, a new way of finding products, so I would have had a hard time – after all Sarah’s work, all the work we put into it – to see the shop less frequented or to see it go down. One part of me really doesn’t miss the wait, and all the da-da-da. In total, Colette has presented 8599 brands, organised 300 exhibitions, published 37 compilations and 92 podcasts, organised 2889 events and presented 2079 different shop windows. Who could have used Adidas, Chanel and Pharrell Williams to create a pair of Stan Smith ? It’s something simple, we wanted it that way” these are the words of Colette Rousseaux and the end of the documentary. [Luxus+ Magazine] Gastronomy : The most beautiful Christmas logs of 2020 by great pastry chefs. “That was really our philosophy from day one, to be open to everybody and to have a mix of items” in a range of prices, Andelman explains. The shop obviously departed from the codes of a traditional shop and this is what made it successful, as it was not just a shop. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! Directed by hugues lawson-body and co-produced by la pac, Eliane Lawson-Body and highsnobiety, colette, mon amour provides an inside look in the days leading up to the closing of the former concept store, which originally opened on rue saint-honoré in 1997 and closed for good in december 2017. Andelman tells me she has “no regrets” about the closing. 20 in existence and yet a shop that never goes out of fashion ; the figures don’t lie: 28 million euros in turnover in 2016 and 35 in 2017. January 8, 2021 by News Desk. Study: Faced with the different appellations of diamonds, how do consumers find their way around? Colette’s reputation was such that it was able to overshadow brands; owning a Colette product had become more than a desire on the part of the customer, even if it meant putting aside aesthetics or functionality and standing in line for hours. And then sometimes, it’s just ten minutes which is worth a year of your life, because it’s so extraordinary. Video on demand at colettemonamour.com # colettemonamour # colette # highsnobiety Highsnobietyy. Our Final 'Colette Mon Amour' Collab With Thom Browne, Lego & Clot Arrives Next Week. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io. We hung out with fashion wunderkind Reese Cooper and upcycling master Emily Bode. Plus qu’un webzine spécialisé, Luxus Plus est un système d’information multi-sectoriel, devenu l’outil de veille de référence pour les professionnels du luxe et de la mode. “The main driving force is my age, that’s for sure. [THE LUXURY JOURNALS] Jean-Luc Dechery (Camille Fournet): “Today, we are able to trace the origin of a bracelet.”, [THE LUXURY JOURNALS] 4 questions to Frank Boehly, President of the National Leather Council, [The Luxury Journals] Noémie Dumesnil (Authentic Material) : “Our goal is to maximize naturality and pedagogy for our clients”, Leather industry: durability remains a priority issue in 2021, Luxury perfumery sector follows the green trend. Meeting with Sylvain Gandolfo Director of ISG Luxury Management, [The Luxury Journals] Pauline Laigneau (Gemmyo) : “Le Gratin brought me the fresh air I needed!”, Cheval Blanc partners with Italian restaurant Langosteria, LMIS 2021 : A round table on naturalness and transparency in luxury, Luxury watchmaking: the new Royal Oak in platinum and green smoked dial from Audemars Piguet, French leather industry: A meeting on support mechanisms for entrepreneurship, Dior: Tobacolor, a fragrance inspired by the nuances of fresh tobacco, Portrait: Thierry Boutemy, an artisan florist with passionate bouquets, LMIS 2021: What to expect from Mazars’ keynote on technology for sustainable development. Watching, I was immediately transported to the last time I walked through the doors of the store on the Rue Saint-Honoré. Read also > DESPITE THE HEALTH CONTEXT, MONCLER BUILDS ITS FLAGSHIP STORE ON THE CHAMPS-ELYSEES, Featured Photo : © “Colette, mon amour” Paula Long Lelong. Opened in 1997 by Colette Roussaux and her daughter Sarah Andelman, Colette was the Parisian consumer rendezvous par excellence. After its closing in December 2018, the spirit of the Saint Honoré location (now the location for Saint … According to WWD, the hour-long documentary will highlight the store’s final six months and feature its founder Colette Roussaux and her daughter, Sarah Andelman—its head buyer and creative director—in the film. Words are lacking to describe this place of treasures, it was a museum, an art exhibition, for any creator, brand or artist who was voluntarily put forward. How to Enhance Intimacy with Intentional Practices, L.A. 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World luxury tracking : Survey on luxury consumption trends affected by the global pandemic, Salvatore Ferragamo: reorganisation of the management team, ESMOD unveils its new strategy on the occasion of its 180th anniversary. New Documentary Colette Mon Amour Remembers Paris’s Coolest Store, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Reunite For “The Christmas Song”, Miley Cyrus Reveals How Hannah Montana Impacted Her Life, These Artists Already Released New Music to Get You in a…, All the Real-Life Couples We Just Love Seeing Together Onscreen, Why Christians Might Want to Stop Saying “Bless Your Heart”, Confronting Kid Conflict with Emotion Coaching. Top billing: the colette mon amour documentary presented around autour conferences with ultra VIP guests, starting with Sarah Andelman, co-founder and artistic director, Guillaume Salmon, their famous PR, without forgetting Pedro Winter, director of the Ed Banger label or Lucien Pagès, communication guru of the fashion sphere and Amy Verner, journalist at Vogue. “We never tried to create this cult,” Andelman swears when I reach her on the phone. “The idea of the film “COLETTE MON AMOUR” came from the urgency to document the last months of activity of that mythical store in the wake of the announcement of its closure,” said Hugues LawsonBody, the director. But in spite of its fame, the brand closed its doors, following in the footsteps of its creator Colette Rousseau who decided to retire. Style Points is a weekly column about how fashion intersects with the wider world.To watch Colette, Mon Amour, the new documentary about the beloved Paris boutique, at a time when “going inside a store” and “mingling with other people” both feel like alien activities hits, as they say, different. So here we are, we’re going to close the door and everyone will go on with their lives on their own. Valentin Le Cron. See All. Luxury Cosmetics: How will the global market for beauty and personal care products evolve between 2020 and 2025? Luxury Marketing Innovation Summit 2021: A phygital version! “In collaboration, I am thinking of Chanel of course, but also of other major houses such as Hermès, Cartier or Louis Vuitton who are not used to working with multi-brand shops and who have made an exception for Colette. Another day, the guy who cleans the streets came in for some sneakers.” Colette was inclusive when fashion prioritized exclusivity, democratic before the much-vaunted “democratization” of fashion, experiential before retail became an “experience.” While the shop sat on a hoity-toity corridor in the first arrondissement, everyone was welcome there. Formerly a regular at fashion shows, she now describes her relationship to the runway as “much more distant. As usual and even after its closure, Colette continued to impress us with a pop up store in collaboration with the Kitsuné house. All Good Things must come to an end. This collaboration had chosen Paris as the location, in the Jardin des Tuileries, in which a “souvenir shop” was opened for 10 days.

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